‘ g a m i
Northwestern University's premier origami club.

What is ‘gami?

'gami is a brand new club on Northwestern's campus that aims to be a fun, social, and stress-free environment where students can learn the art of paper folding, origami. Origami began in Japanese culture as a religious ceremonial activity, and turned into an enjoyable recreational practice that has been proven to boost mindfulness and enhance creativity. The club seeks to teach students origami in a laid-back setting where club members can meet new people and take a break from stressful classes each week. No experience required.

Practice the art of paper folding in a fun and stress-free environment.

What We Do On Campus

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Info Session #1

Tuesday, October 9


Annenberg G21

Info Session #1

Thursday, October 11


University Hall 101

Our Team

Robin Kim
Founder, President
Robin is a junior from Crystal Lake, Illinois studying Biomedical Engineering and Global Health. He enjoys playing baseball and watching Chicago sports. He first started origami in 5th grade as part of a project inspired by the story of Sadako and the 1000 cranes.

Jonathan Dai
Co-Founder, Vice President
Jonathan is a junior from Los Altos, California studying Mechanical Engineering. He enjoys photography, loves naps, and often sleeps through early classes.

Stephanie Huang
Co-Founder, Secretary
Stephanie is a junior from Cupertino, California studying Neuroscience on the pre-med track. She enjoys hiking and playing with her dog, Comet. She loves horror movies and TV shows, and has watched the entire Game of Thrones series 3 times.

Drew Parsons
Chief Technical Officer
Drew is a junior from Denver, Colorado studying Computer Science. He loves tennis, video games, and all things tech related. He has a twin brother that attends Northwestern who is also a prospective member of ‘gami.

Kaitlyn Ko
Chief Design Officer
Kaitlyn is a junior from Arlington Heights, Illinois studying Mechanical Enigneering and MaDE. She likes playing soccer and hanging out with her dog Scout.

Momoe Anno
Project Manager
Momoe is a sophomore from Tokyo, Japan studying Economics and Chemistry. She loves to sing, watch movies, and dog-spot. Since first learning to fold origami, she has been fascinated by how human creativity has the ability to turn a piece of paper into something more, creating solutions and bringing people together.

Kathy Duan
Branding Assistant
Kathy is a sophomore from San Jose, California currently studying Global Health. She’s also on the pre-med track, but she’d rather talk about how she enjoys singing with her a cappella group, online shopping during lecture, and watching Jane the Virgin

Adam Leung
Community Outreach
Adam is a sophomore from Irvington, New York studying Materials Science and Engineering. When not studying or folding origami, you can find him making music or playing video games in his dorm. Adam is especially interested in the intersection of origami and STEM and is currently conducting research on using origami tessellations as a strengthening technique in materials.

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